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Showing Christ

Your word is a Lamp at my feet; It's a light on my path

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In this edition.


Yura Ortiz

In its shadow

Rebeca Rios

Listening to Your Voice

Vivian Corrales

By Your grace.

David Malvacia

Back to the Garden

Yolanda Ramos

#Muestra a Cristo

Yura Cabral

It is necessary to die.


Without a doubt, Christ gave us an example in all things. Forks! He died physically, and rose again on the third day, but he also died by renouncing the glory and majesty he enjoyed. He died when he renounced his status as a supreme being and became like any of us, fragile, vulnerable, unattractive. He died when he allowed himself to be scourged in the most cruel and vile way. He died, when with his last breaths of life, he forgave his tormentors, (Luke 23:34) Jesus didn't just die on the cross. In the same way, we too must be willing to die to evil, to our desires, to vain pleasures, to our agendas and plans; we must die to all that we are and have, in order to live for Him. IT'S ALL ABOUT HIM. AND IT REVOLVES AROUND HIM! We must look to the things above and not to the things of the earth (Colossians 3:2), if we have truly been crucified and died with Christ. If we participate in his death, we will also participate in his resurrection! (Romans 6:5) I must no longer live for myself, but to please the One who loved me and gave himself to give me salvation. It's Worth Dying for Christ to Live in You! ​

Yura Cabral.

In His Shadow


Rebeca Ortiz-Ruiz

The New Life

What is new life?

... They will be steps, small steps that I am taking...

But alone, alone I can't...

You accompany me on the path.

New life more than a longing,

is to see the sky with Your gaze

it is the tenderness of Your forgiveness, it is Your gaze.

New life is a gift that I am opening

I am discovering that it is in Your protection and Your care,

the Potter has rescued me.

It is in Your hands, sure hands in my brokenness,

leaving behind what is not.

I am Your vessel. I am Your creation.

You mold my heart.

New life is the Lord

He is walking inside me, and with Your light you are illuminating

And my darkness, you're tearing down,

Every day you help.

We take small steps.

Your life in me is whispering, mercies you are pouring out.

My surrender is necessary.

The new life changes everything, does everything, can do everything.

It is the rule of the King of kings, it is You, Christ in great love

You've chosen to be my Lord

Your beauty dwells in me

My Savior, You are here.


Rebeca Ortiz-Rios

Hearing His Voice

Holy Week and particularly Good Friday is a time that by tradition most people take to celebrate in the wrong way, going to the beach, traveling, going out to eat etc., however it really is a time to celebrate and reflect in a different way. These days the body of Christ commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. That out of his great love for humanity, God sacrificed his only son for our salvation and to give us eternal life. We have to take into account and recognize that we are not worthy of such a great act of love. There is nothing we humans can do to erase our wickedness and ensure our salvation, because the iniquity that dwells within us does not make us worthy of such a sacrifice, yet out of his great love for us he sacrificed himself. and shed his blood to redeem us. Therefore, these days should be a time to reflect and thank God at all times for everything he did, does and will do for us. And he did it out of Love, not out of obligation. Our duty and response to such a sacrifice is to live righteously before him, doing what is pleasing in his eyes, not just one day, but all the days of our lives. Thanks to Jesus' sacrifice on the cross we have forgiveness for our sins and the salvation of our souls. And he did it all out of his great love for humanity. And he lets us know in John 11:25-26 I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in me, even though he is dead, will live. And everyone who lives and believes in me will not die forever. 1Peter 1:3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to his great mercy has given us new birth to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Brothers, we must keep in mind that this day is not only a holiday, but it is the rest of the year in which we must live a life consecrated to it. It is not about a holiday, or a tradition or religion, but about having and maintaining a relationship and a personal encounter with Christ. To have an established faith in the one who conquered death, was resurrected and now lives in us through the Holy Spirit.


Vivian Corrales

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Vivian Corrales

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The wonderful "BUT" of God:


This has nothing to do with the heart, it has nothing to do with what we do, this has to do with the change of nature, which brings transformation, you and I measure ourselves, not with The more I pray, or the more you read, not with the more I do, or the more you give, not with the more I sing or the more you fast, but rather we measure ourselves with Christ, who is the rod of our measure, Christ, is Christ, the one who loved you and me... and when we measure ourselves with him, I realize how far I am from his character, from his power, from his perfection, from his wisdom. But since I cannot achieve that in my human nature, I cannot achieve it in my flesh, I can never in my flesh be like him, live like him, so Christ comes and tells us, tells you and tells me: " I give you all that by Grace."


David Malvacia

By Your Grace

David Malvacia


Why do I believe God loves me?


On some occasions I have given answers like: "because I am a good person", "God loves me because I come to the temple", "because I am giving my offerings", "God loves me because I read the Bible and I know Psalm 23", "

"He loves me because I went to the meeting or to the retreat." I have realized how far I am from answering this question. He simply loves us because he feels like it.

No wonder the apostle Paul in Ephesians 3:18 says: "I hope that you can understand, as all God's people do, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is." When we give it a reason for why God loves us, it stops being love.



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