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Our Ministry Departments:

Our church offers numerous avenues for involvement. While we have highlighted several ministries, there are numerous other groups not mentioned here that you are welcome to join and be a part of.


The Men's Department is dedicated to nurturing men of faith who are rooted in biblical principles, guiding their families in worship, delving into the study of God's Word, and engaging with the community to share the Gospel. Their mission is to grow in Christ and become commendable ambassadors for Him, working together to build the kingdom of God as He originally intended.

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Mujer Redimida


Real Women, with real lives and situations...

We adopt a team approach to tackle issues often overlooked in the context of women. Our mission is to amplify a collective voice out of the silence. United, women can foster mutual understanding across diverse backgrounds. In Christ, we discover freedom and beauty.

Through transformation, we realize that growth, healing, support, prayer, and embracing our identity as Redeemed Women constitute the divine work of our eternal God.

We encourage you to share your experiences and insights with other women, empowering you to confront daily life's challenges. We also dedicate time to pray individually for your personal needs. Our vision is "To be an army of women united, ministering and extending the kingdom of God." We hold the belief that God has endowed women with the capacity to make a positive impact on those around us. The Women's Department actualizes this vision through:

1. "Redeemed Woman" life groups, with discipleship gatherings bi-monthly.

2. Year-round special events for women.


Our church's reach goes beyond Sunday services. Throughout the week, our community is alive with various activities. We hold regular gatherings and events, catering to families, children, and those new to our community, including special occasions.

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